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As the time goes by, likes the petals of cherry blossom were flew softly and gently with  the wings of angel who pulled them up and blew them up in the air cheerfully. The Japanese man who always be the silent and thoughtful man likes Kiku was lifting his head up and decided to taking the soft and fresh air into his lungs while let his muddling thinking about someone who used to be the owner of his heart….

Likes the man who was very taller than him and always appeared himself with the long freaky pipe …

Such as …. Holanda

" Why I must waste my precious time and memory for the most greedy and selfish man likes him..?" he asked to himself sadly and unsurely while bent himself down and played with the pieces of sakura's petal dreamingly.  "Why I must still lingerie about him? Did he important to me so much?..."

But his questioning never got any answering back also since he was asking to himself secretly personally about someone that he always pretended to be he had already forget everything about him although,the meanie man who really addict with the mysterious leaf likes marihuana  still be alive in his dream…his memories and his heart for eternity. Kiku knew surely that if he still let himself show all of his real feeling about that freaky and pride foreigner , Maybe he will lost himself to the bottom of his evergreen love for his only one who wasn't here and couldn't breathing anymore and he must forced to accept the grevious truth about the death of his lover who was died pitifully because of his hands.

"Is there any good side and good memory when I have already loose you..?" He asked to himself again lonely and sorrwfully while he lifted his the rim of his mouth up likes the smiling…. But at least,there wasn't any smiling on his blue face anymore. It still have just  the tears…… . Maybe it was the tears of pain? The tears of love? Or the tears of guiltyness?...

No one could answer the mirage question likes this unless,it was himself .  the only one who can answer all of this question Maybe just the few questions.

"is there any the greatest painful which worse than the truth that I have just kill the man who always be in my memory..? " He asked himself continuely with his confusing  and the sorrow of the love. Well? The love..?

Kiku smiled mockery  and sadly as long as it wasn't love in his thinking but the funny thing about the truth of his broken heart is….

No days and no night that he could let his heart to forget about that meanies man.
No days and no night that he could stop his obsession and his temptation for caging the drug lover soulmate liikes the spiky hair.
And no days, No night that he could stop his love and his caring about the aggressive and naughty flower man.


"What is the best damn things that you always give it to me..?" he questioned to himself again blurely  while his thinking which used to stuck at the dead man who had already fallen likes the lifeless fallen flower which never came back to you although you tried to make it was turned into the most perfect innocent  flower at the branch of cherry blossom which was falling down to the dirtyness of the earth unavoidingly . He lifted his head up and used his hand to keep the beauty of the fallen sakura in his hand gently in the same way,that he was holding the charming hand again likes he saw his heart was standing here in front of him.

And that's why he was smiling happily likes this..

Although it was just the dream or his hallucination which created the image of his love,On the contrary…he still happy and felt likes his man was standing here. Especially, when he touched the penal of cherry blossom which was reminding him about the color of the shying on that soft and kissable cheek when Kiku used to kissed him and Kiku will did it again surely,If he saw the taller man still be here.maybe he will pulled that annoying scaf for make the pride man bend himself down for the kissing.

"You are here….Oranda-san you are here…in my dream…"

[Writer zone :
This is my very very first time that i wrote my yaoi fiction in english because Im not native english speaker and my english skills are very creepy and awful XD but i really dont care because i just TRY ! thats why i made this.

I still must practice more about the conjuction and my describtion skills since i found it was really awkward when you are reading so i decide to practice it as much as i can do.

Im quite a bit sad story or maybe drama lover since i found myself that im very dumb when im wrtiing or typing any happy ending fiction.

I have nothing to tell younow ...just if you glad my wrtiting shitty style i will happy and cry with my happiness XD Yay

P.s. I pick the scene from the building of the bridge in thailand in the real history^^]


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<3 My real nickname is Seth
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<3 I'm very such at every CG! So,I always use my ink and my pen for my works.
<3 I'm twenty years old in real life.
<3 I'm university student ~
<3 Other just ask me :D


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